Admissions Criteria

Culcrow Primary School Admissions Criteria

  1. Children have brothers or sisters (including half-brothers, half-sisters, step brothers, step sisters, foster brothers and/or foster sisters) attending, or who have attended, Culcrow Primary School.
  2. Children who are the eldest child in their family.
  3. Children who have attended Crow’s Nest Playgroup throughout the pre-school year.
  4. Children whose parent* is employed at Culcrow PS or Crow’s Nest Playgroup.
  5. Children whose parent*/grandparent has attended Culcrow Primary School.
  6. Children who live closest to Culcrow PS, based on distance between the child’s place of residence and the main entrance of the school, as measured by Google Map.
  7. In the event of a tie for last place at Criterion 6, pupils will be selected for admission on the basis of age (eldest child), established by date-of-birth as entered on their Birth Certificate.

* to include foster parent and guardian.