Healthy Eating

Culcrow is a health promoting school with pupils involved in the planning of their healthy breaks. Every week they enjoy a range of snacks including fruit, raw vegetables, pancakes, scones and toast. We encourage pupils to drink milk and have Ballygowan water available for everyone.

We aim to have active children in our playground with access to the sensory garden, outdoor playground, wide range of sports equipment including tricycles and scooters available at playtimes and playground markings for games.

"The school gives very good attention to promoting healthy eating and physical activity. The school utilises well the sporting provision available to the children through the effective use of local amenities and the provision of, and high participation rates in, a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The children play an active role in the choosing of the options for the healthy breaks and lunches." (ETI Inspection Report 2012)

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