Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

Our active Parent Teachers Association plays a crucial role supporting the school through the organisation of key events in the school calendar, fundraising for additional resources and providing suggestions from parents.

A typical school year includes parental support at;

  • Harvest Assembly - parents provide tea, coffee and a wide range of refreshments including scones, cupcakes, traybakes, shortbread, crisps, mini chocolate bars and juice for adults and children.
  • Tea with Santa - parents set up Santa’s Grotto, serve tea and coffee along with a wide range of festive treats, a hotdog stand, a barbeque, serve fruit punch, toast marshmallows, run art and craft activities for children, serve at the home baking and toy stall and a range of further stalls.
  • Christmas concert - parents provide assistance in setting up the hall, providing and serving mince pies and shortbread, tea and coffee.
  • This year our parents look forward to hosting a new event - Clothes Swap - whereby participants donate quality clothes items, provide a donation and use their ticket to purchase nearly new items of their choice. This social evening will provide an opportunity for tea, coffee and refreshments to be enjoyed.
  • Sports Evening where parents provide juice, sandwiches, traybakes and buns following the prize giving.
  • Walk of Laps where parents and friends sponsor their child.

We appreciate our parental support throughout the year and acknowledge the active role they play in ensuring their child gets the most from education; supervision of homework, punctual and regular attendance, involvement at parent teacher interviews and support of all that takes place in school are just a few examples of how parents can make education work for their child. We see our parents as a vital link in their child’s attainment and very much part of the Culcrow team.