School Day Times

School Day Begins 8.45am (sharp)

Break Time 10.30 - 10.50am

Lunch Time 12.15 - 1.00pm

Finishing Times Monday - Thursday

P1 and P2

  • 1.45pm

P3 and P4 (those pupils in P3/P4 with older siblings may be collected at the later time of 3.00pm)

  • 2.45pm

P5, P6 and P7

  • 3.00pm

Finishing Times Friday - giving consideration to the limited parking space at the school the following pick-up times are:

  • P1 and P2 AND older siblings 1.30pm sharp
  • P3 AND older siblings 1.35pm
  • P4 and P5 AND older siblings 1.40pm
  • P6 and P7 1.45pm