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Week 1

This week our theme was Mission Impossible! The pupils had a lot of fun writing secret messages using an unknown substance! Once we held our pages over a flame, the secret messages were revealed!

Week 2

This week we were building simple circuits. Mrs Longhurst gave us wires, bulb holders, bulbs, batteries and battery holders. We had to work out how to light up the light bulb! After some time one group discovered how to light the bulb and explained this to the rest of the pupils. We looked at other items that we could add to our circuits in place of the bulb. We have motors and sensors. Next week we will try to construct cars with our motor circuits and desk fans with our heat sensors!

P1 and P2 Science

P1 and P2 have been incorporating science into their play!
Some of the activities are listed below:-

Freezing Water - Changing water into ice and using mini figures as ice skaters! some of our ice blocks were thinner than other blocks and the children predicted which block would melt first! We discussed why the ice turns into water. We learnt that zero degrees is freezing point!

Sinking and Floating - We used figurines and jugs containing different amounts of water, to see if our figurines floated or sank. We were able to work out that when we took accessories off our figurines, they floated. we also realised that when we add accessories to our figurines they sank due to extra weight! Rylee explains why in a video coming soon.

Salt Mountains - We added salt onto ice cubes and discovered that they began to melt ! we were able to make ice mountains from these. Then we re froze the same ice cubes, we discovered that they stuck together! We discussed why this happened and how fragile the ice cubes were the second time round - they were crumbly!

Soapy Icebergs - We measured the Lux Flakes so that each pupil had the same amount. Each pupil used a different amount of water to mix into their Lux Flakes, they measured out their own water. Some of the Lux Flakes with less water remained solid and we were able to make icebergs. Others had too much water and became too runny to build up! We then tried to find out how to make our Flakes soapier by using various sizes of whisks! After whisking the flakes some were able to spell their names out of the soapy substance and others were able to build icebergs! we discussed why the change in texture happened.

Melting Lard - We were working out how to melt lard without a cooker! We discovered that if we keep squeezing it with our hands, the heat from our hands melted the lard! We used the lard to form balls, we then rolled it in bird seed and created dough ball bird feeders in different sizes! the children predicted which birds would each the varying sizes of seed balls. We thought that crows would eat the bigger sunflower seeds and a robin might eat the small seeds.

Car Ramps - We constructed our own cars from various building materials, then found ramps of different heights to race the cars off. We discussed why the cars in the higher ramp went faster than the cars in the lower ramp. Then we found that by adding carpet to the higher ramp, it slowed down the car. Mrs Collins explained that this was called friction.

P4 and P5 Science

This term we are learning all about our body and the body's systems. So far we having been looking at the circulatory systems. We learnt about how the heart pumps blood around the body, the parts of the heart, pulse, red blood cells and white blood cells.

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