W/C Monday 3rd September

W/C Monday 3rd September


Next week P1 pupils finish at 12noon every day. P2 pupils finish at 1.45pm every day.
Weeks thereafter (from 10th September) P1 pupils finish at 1.45pm Mon-Thurs and 1.30pm sharp every Friday.All older siblings also finish at 1.30pm every Friday.
P3-4 pupils finish at 2.45pm Mon-Thurs and 1.40 pm every Friday. P3-4 pupils with older siblings finish at 3pm.
P5-P7 pupils finish at 3,00pm every day and 1.45pm every Friday.
Fun Club will resume from Monday 3rd September and will run next week from 3-4pm for P3-P7 pupils. Cost is £2 per hour and snack will be provided.

For more events please see School Updates.

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