Sports Evening

Sports Evening


<p>24 June 2014 Sports Evening at Aghadowey Presbyterian Church (in field with goal posts).</p> <p>Playgroup races at 6.30pm, refreshments served at 7.00pm and school races starting at 7.25pm. Medals for 1st and 2nd places will be given after each race, overall Sports shields will be presented at Prize Morning.</p> <p>Could the following parents please bring with them (and set on tables in the field); <ul> <li>P1: 12 traybakes or buns</li> <li>P2: 6-12 traybakes or buns</li> <li>P3: 6 scones with jam (and cream) or butter and jam ready for serving</li> <li>P4: 1 loaf of sandwiches</li> <li>P5: 1 loaf of sandwiches</li> <li>P6: multi-pack of crisps and some mini bars</li> <li>P7: multi-pack of crisps and some mini bars</li> </ul> <p>For safety of the children we will not serve tea/coffee but will have orange/water for everyone to drink.</p>

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